observe the culture and history of the world with new eyes

What Strabo can do

Have you ever seen the Colosseum with gladiator's eyes?
Or Florence during the Reinassance?
And Pompeii during the eruption of Vesuvius?
You may have visited many cities and monuments but have you ever experienced them firsthand or in another era?
Now you can, with Strabo, our App for augmented reality guided tours.
Directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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Who is Strabo for

Most of the works of the main museums are closed in the warehouses, why?
Italy - for example - has the largest cultural heritage in the world but cannot enhance it and communicate it effectively to its public, while other European realities have already found strategies and technologies to attract and diversify the museum offer.
We address archaeological parks, museums, institutions and all organizations that want to enhance and advertise their artistic heritage.

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Where to use Strabo

Strabo can be used to enhance museums, archaeological sites and historic sites.
There is no limit to the kind of reconstruction: whether it is the facade of an ancient church or an entire town in the Roman period with Strabo you can do it.
Expand your vision of the world: 360° panoramas, 3D reconstructions, inaccessible places and perspectives from above, inclusive routes for people with reduced mobility.

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We think that every organization, the largest and the smallest as well, needs to raise awareness of its cultural and artistic heritage:
that's why we want to make Strabo accessible to the widest possible audience.
Due to innovative and technological content, you can buy Strabo using Euroepan funding programs for cultural organizations.

Or you can obtain Strabo without set-up fees by sharing ticket earning with us.

Contact us for additional info.

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Strabo is available as App for Android, iOS and Browser:
so you can use it indifferently on smartphone, tablet and desktop.
It's easy to use, fast and does not drain your device's battery. Start by selecting your own path between points of interest, use geolocated maps and start you travel.

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Where Strabo is available?
We're testing our product in selected sites, would you like to join us? Contact us!
Do you already have a product?
Yes, we developed a browser-version app. Would you like to try it? Contact us!
When Strabo will be available to the public?
We're running some tests with end users, contact us to stay in touch.

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